Let's Spice Things Up

I’ve been out of the dating game for quite some time now and recently I’ve been trying to think of some creative ways to maybe… spice things up a bit. When you’re with the same person for so long, things start to just play on repeat. And that’s no fun! My husband and I have been married now for 2 years, but have been (back) together for 6 years now (we first started dating at age 16!), so I guess you can say we have fallen into a comfortable routine with each other.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not bored by any means; we still make each other laugh, go out all of the time, and just enjoy our time together. But I think it’s time we take things to the next level! I wish I was one of those girls who could put on a pair of stiletto’s, some lingerie and do a sexy dance…but I’m not. At all. I would start to do some funky ass dance and make myself crack up, but I think that's what my husband loves most about me! This is why I need to be creative and think of ways to “spice things up” without having to dress like a dime-store hooker. Here is what I’m thinking:

Hug It Out: Sounds so corny, I’m well aware of this! But, when your significant other comes home from work, do you usually greet each other with a hug and kiss? How long do you hold that pose? Most of the time now it’ll last for about a second, then we’re running off to finish out the day’s tasks. Sharing a 20-30 second hug with your significant other will not only slow you both down a bit, but it will allow you to actually embrace each other and feel more connected. After some time, you can start to feel distant from your partner and that will start to create other issues. So no matter how busy you are in life, slow it down, and share a more passionate hug!

Speak up: We all would like to think that our significant others are mind readers. Like, “Please just take the effing garbage out!” I also like to think that we share a special language with me just shooting him a look like, “hello.. put your dishes in the sink!” But unfortunately, that usually results in me looking like I’m having some sort of facial spasm and putting the dishes away myself. Ladies; you won’t get what you want unless you speak up!

This also goes for anything happening in the boudoir as well. If you’re looking to explore new lands so to speak, you’ll need to communicate these needs otherwise, it won’t happen. A lot of women are shy about this, but trust me, your man will find it very sexy. This also goes for the things you dislike as well. If your partner is expressing an interest in something that you want no part in but is relentless about asking, tell him to stop (in a nice way of course).

Communication is key in any relationship.

Be Spontaneous: Every so often, my husband and I will go for long drives just to get out of the house and explore new places. We love trying new restaurants and just getting to know what is going on in other towns. Don’t be afraid to get out and take a mini adventure together. Put on some of your favorite music and maybe even have a little sing-off to see who can sing the worst! It also doesn’t hurt to find a dark side road that doesn’t get much action..That is until you pull over. Sending and receiving random texts are a great too. While you’re both at work, send your love a little text simply saying, “I have a surprise for you later.” They’ll be thinking about it all day long and will probably greet you with more than a 20-second hug.

Leave the Fighting at the Door: “What happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom” and you do not want fighting to be one of them! Even if you’re the “perfect couple” who claims they never fight (we all know you do), there will be days when you bicker about the little things. At the end of the day, though, you have to remember why you’re there; because you love that person and you want to jump their bones! If things start to get a little too heated during an argument, try to make a little joke or something to bring the tension back down.

Stroke Each-Others Ego Flower: Everyone loves to be showered with compliments from time to time. Especially if you’ve had a bad day and just aren’t feeling all that great about yourself. One thing I love about my husband is that he always makes me feel sexy even when I know I look like a huge bag of shit! Make sure your significant other knows you’re invested in them no matter what! I work from home some days, and sometimes on those days, I do not make it out of my PJ’s (sexy, I know). But to know that my husband still wants me even when I look my worst is something that every girl should feel! And make sure to give back the same amount of respect.

We all know guys LOVE a lot of compliments. It makes them feel like they’re Greek Gods. And ladies, let’s be honest, you love the compliments too!

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