How to Travel on a Budget

If I can say one great thing about myself, it would be that I know how to find a great deal! Whether it’s in a food store or clothing store, I’m always trying to find the best deals that will fit perfectly into my budget. I recently got to thinking that I really need to “get out more” and travel to some places I’ve never been. One place in particular I would love to visit is Ireland. It’s such a gorgeous country filled with breathtaking scenery and CASTLES! But when I looked up the trip online, it was pretty pricey. UNLESS you know where to look and how to plan efficiently. Everyone deserves a getaway every now and then. I mean really, why work if you can’t occasionally treat yourself to something nice?

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t need some article telling me I need to get out more; I need the money to do so!” However, I’m still going to tell you, YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MILLIONAIRE TO TRAVEL!

Use Pinterest: Pinterest has got to be one of the most amazing creations the world has seen thus far. Every day, I’m on there looking up cute DIY projects to brighten up my apartment or to gift for other people. Right now, I’m using it to help plan a trip for myself and my hubby, and Pinterest has been like my travel guru. Everything that is already pinned to the page is from a traveler who has already gone on the trip. You’ll be able to find so many secret gems that you never would have found through a travel agency. It’s also a great way to familiarize yourself with the locals and their customs (if you’re traveling to a new country) to see how they live.

Groupon: Do not be afraid to plan a trip using Groupon. Whether you’re planning a huge trip across country or just need a weekend getaway, you are sure to find a deal that fits your budget. The only thing you need to be aware of, though, are the days and times of travel. Hotels and airlines are able to give such great deals because they are set up with specific travel days. So before you confirm anything, just make sure to read the fine print! My friends who travel vigorously swear by Groupon! One of my dream vacations to take with my husband is Ireland. However, when I attempted to book through an agency, the entire trip was over ten thousand dollars! That’s insane! I mean, I’m a writer, not a drug dealer! That is when one of my friends told me to look through Groupon. I looked into the EXACT SAME TRIP, and the price was AMAZING. $899 per person, and that includes round-trip airfare, B&B and hotel stays, and a rental car. Mind=Blown.

Start your own vacation fund: We have a mason jar on our dresser in the bedroom that is specifically for vacations. We started adding more to it after the wedding and cannot wait to cash in on it soon! We literally just add leftover change from the day, but eventually, it does add up. It also is great to know that you have something to look forward to. Especially if you’re having a bad day at work and you’re wishing you could just jump on a plane at that very moment and never return. Adding some change to your vacation jar before bed will put you in a better mood knowing you’re one step closer to that sandy beach and fruity cocktail!

Air BnB instead of a Hotel: After extensive research, reaching out to my Facebook friends / followers, and even getting into contact with some of the people who actually rent out room on Air BnB, I'm pretty convinced that this is the way to go if you're looking to save some money. I had a decent amount of responses in regards to using Air BnB & they were all positive - mainly stating that from now on, they would ALWAYS book through that instead of a hotel. We're planning a trip to Cali in June & I may look into this. I added up costs for both hotels and Air BnB, & the difference is CRAZY!

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