How to Practice The Art of NOT Giving a Shit

“With age comes responsibility.” This is a phrase I often heard my step-dad say as I was growing up. And while that is a very true statement, I have also come to realize that with age, comes the art of not giving a shit what others think of you anymore.

Going back as far as elementary school, I have always cared about what other people thought of me. From my classmates to my teachers, I needed to feel accepted by all and oftentimes would fit the mold to whomever I was around.

As I grew older, wiser, and sexier, I started to realize that the only person I really need to be impressing or pleasing is MYSELF. Some of us, however, are just born to be people pleasers. And while that is not a bad quality to have, you may start to find yourself experiencing unnecessary stress while trying to make everyone around you happy.

I am going to share with you, “The Art of NOT Giving a Shit” in hopes that you will one day not be afraid to tell someone, “No.” It is such a revelation, let me tell ya! You will feel happier, less stressed, and just free.

Shake That Shit Off

For the longest time, I would let certain things fester and could not let anything go. Now, I really could care less. About a year ago, I had someone say some pretty gnarly things to me about my autoimmune issues. I mean… it was pretty disgusting. It has taken me almost a full year to just say, “fuck it” and let it go. You need to realize, that some people are just born unfiltered and they will say anything they please because that’s just how they are. If someone feels the need to kick you while you’re down, just distance yourself and shake it off. Once I was able to let those unwarranted comments go, I have felt so much happier.

You’re Not a Puppy, You Can’t Make EVERYONE Happy or Like You

That’s a super long title and I apologize, however it is true. Not everyone in the world is meant to like you, and if someone doesn’t THAT’S OK. You will still wake up tomorrow morning, and will still be a bad-ass. There will always be that one person who you just don’t mesh well with. Or sometimes, people just outgrow each other. Don’t be salty or offended if you wake up one day and a girl from 8 years ago deleted you off Facebook.

Surround Yourself With Positive People

Do you have people in your life that just constantly seem to be in a bad mood? I’m just talking about “having one of those days” because we all have them. I’m talking about someone who just never has anything nice to say, puts other people down, or talks shit about someone else behind their back. This is what I like to call a garbage person. This is someone that you do not need in your life. I personally like to keep my circle small and full of people with dreams, goals, and just an overall positive demeanor. Cut out the negative and I’m telling you, you will feel a world of difference.

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